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The crusades was a military expedition for conquisted Jerusalem, a holy place for the cristhians. The crusades was a petition of the Pope. They developed between XI and XIII centuries. The cristhians fought with turkes, selucides and saracens ( incluyed the muslims).


It started in 1096 becouse the Pope believed muslims was the enemy. It was also idea of The Pope Urbano II, he invited the kingdoms of France, England, Germany and Hungary. Only the Hungaries don't acept the invitation. The crusaders go trough Hungary and causes many problems. The king of Hungary made a agree with the crusades and the crusades don't causes more problems. The crusades ended his travel and conquisted Antioquía. Then they go to Jerusalem, conquisted in the 1099.


It started in 1147 becouse the kings of Jerusalem betrayed cristhians kingdoms. The muslims conquered Zengi, a cristhian kingdom and the Pope predicated the started of the SECOND CRUSADE. In this participed the king of France and Germany. They went direct to Jerusalem and they losted and losted also Damascus. Then the Pope predicated the THIRD CRUSADE.


It started in 1189, after when the crusaders fought with the army of Saladino I, king of Egypt and Siria. The crusaders loosed and also loosed their territories. Saladino also conquered Jerusalem this year. The Pope Gregory VIII organised a new Crusade and go to Jerusalem the kings of England, Germany, and France. At the end, only the king of England continued the travel, and he went the new to England.
It started en 1199, when the Pope decided atacked Egypt, but they atacked Constantinople. Consecuently, the Byzantine Empire loosed the war. They founded a new empire, and the crusaders was in Jerusalem went to the new empire.

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