jueves, 25 de marzo de 2010


Auteur: Raphael

Work: La sagrada familia del cordero

Type of work: Painting

Function or Subject: He looking for perfection in colours, drawing and composition

Decoration: It was a woman, a man, a child and a lamb. Maybe the people was poor. The child ride the lamb, the women help the child and the man look this scene.

Auteur: Donatello

Work: David

Type of work: Sculpture

Function or Subject: He captured the Renaissance ideal of sculpture in works like David.

Decoration or Characteristics: This is a man nude with a sword and a hat.

Auteur: Juan de Herrera

Work: El Monasterio De El Escorial

Type of work: Building

Function or Subject: He was the creator of the Herrerian style, who was characterised by austery and solemnity.

Decoration or Characteristics: The auteur utilised little windows, the monastery has square form and it's very big


I think Leonardo was a excepcional painter and inventor. He's painted the Mona Lisa, maybe the best painting of the Renaissance. He's born in 1452, near to the town of Vinci. He created a machine who can fly, the helicopter, other of his creations most importants. Leonardo was a man very mistery. Some people think he joined to the Order of Sion. The Order of Sion was a secret society fill of greats men of the Middle Ages, Renaissance... He dead in 1519, in Turena.